I am Dasham from Saudi Arabia and I am here to thank the lady that gave me another chance to live. I had been bed ridden for six years with a mysterious disease where I could not walk, Feel hungry, Sit for a long time and even sleep properly.My stomach was swelling and even hard if you touched it. I tried herbalists but they couldn't help and even traditional healers I went to only ate my money. But one day my brother Ashan came to visit me at home with his friend Simon who saw my miserable situation and referred me to Maama Hazizi. When I went to see her the next day she jokingly told me I was going to be fine only if I believed in her and did as she told me. She started her job, I remember it was a Friday that she said her first prayer for me then rubbed her Muthi & oil all over my body, On Monday she burnt another muthi for me, Later that day she gave a glass of Muthi to drink, Later i got a runny stomach where black things came out of my body that she was cleaning me up. She told me to go back home & relax for 3 days and come back on Friday, Of which i was feeling much better, could now talk,sleep & fell hungry,she gave me 4 more days that i will have a total & full recovery which happened as she had said. Now i'm back to my health,If you too believe she will help you call for coincidental & guaranteed helpCall/WhatsApp MAAMA HAZIZI ON +27737454096
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