We often come across the inquiry "Is your phone number Globe or Smart?" particularly when we make new acquaintances or obtain the contact information of someone we've known before. Prefixes for mobile numbers in the Philippines have increased significantly from the past and has put us in a state of confusion about which service provider the mobile number falls under. This is why we've listed the mobile number prefixes that are in the Philippines for 2021. You can utilize as a guide to find out what service provider the number belongs to.

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What does the prefix mobile refer to? A mobile number is composed of 11 digits. The initial four digits comprise the prefix. When your number for your cell is 0955-987-653 then the prefix of your mobile number is 0955. The function of these prefixes is for the purpose of categorizing every mobile number so that we can identify which mobile network they are part of.

I'm sure that, even if you've got a decent memory, it can be difficult to keep track of all these prefixes for mobile numbers and the mobile network they belong to. If you look back to a decade ago, prefixes for mobile numbers could be easily summarized, even if just a high schooler. However, due to the rapid advancement of technology, more and more users have changed from phones to mobile phones which has led to the sudden increase in prefixes for mobile numbers. As I mentioned, prefixes for mobile numbers are constantly expanding, and after a few years they will grow substantially since a third-party telecom company is expected to be established within the Philippines.